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Are you or a loved one suffering from Neck & Shoulder Pain?


Your neck and shoulder pain may have just started or maybe it has been around for awhile. You are probably tired of your pain waking you up at night or preventing you from doing the things you love to do. You may have been advised to take pain killers or get injections but that is NOT the answer. 

Pain killers and injections are not the answer because they DON’T solve the problem! You’re already aware of that because when you don’t use them, your neck and shoulder pain returns. You may have accepted your pain as a part of your life. We don’t believe that to be true. You may have been told you need surgery as your next course of treatment. We don’t believe that to be true either.

Physical therapy can help determine the primary factor causing your pain and provide you with a conservative course of treatment to get rid of it. Our physical therapist treats neck and shoulder problems on a regular basis and is an expert at alleviating the symptoms but also teaching you what caused the pain in the first place to prevent future problems. 

What else will you STOP doing if your neck and/or shoulder pain gets worse in the upcoming months? Don't wait to find out!

If YOU are ready to stop taking pain killers and/or getting injections, request your FREE 15 minute consultation or contact us TODAY at 407-906-6007 to schedule your initial evaluation.