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Have you or someone you love been in a auto accident?


Injuries caused by an auto accident can be frustrating. You or a loved one was probably loving life pain free and in an instant that changed. You or a loved one probably went to an ER and were prescribed a bunch of pain medications that have a bunch of negative side effects. Weeks later you or a loved one most likely are still in pain unless you take the addictive medications you were prescribed. Unfortunately, you were misguided. Physical Therapy should have been your FIRST course of treatment after a day or two of rest, there are NO negative side-effects.

Based on the US department of transportation there are greater than 6 million people injured in auto accidents each year. Receiving physical therapy treatment is vital in the rehabilitation process. 

Here are 3 reasons to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist after an auto accident:  

1) Very often we find that patients don't realize the full extent of their injuries until they return to their regular lives. Injuries may include back pain, whiplash, joint pain, muscle pain or headaches. It is very important to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist to evaluate the full extent of your injuries. The physical therapist will develop a treatment plan so that you can regain your strength and alleviate your pain symptoms. 

2) In some instances physical therapy can help avoid costly and sometimes unnecessary surgery. Physical therapy will strengthen weak muscles and unstable ligaments which provide support to musculoskeletal system of the body. Physical activity may seem counter intuitive, however individualized exercises coupled with manual therapy help in the reduction of pain and will allow for a much faster and long lasting recovery. 

3) Chronic pain can occur if injuries are ignored and are not addressed in a timely manner after an auto accident. Overtime untreated injuries can lead to poor mobility and a reduce range of motion. These symptoms are likely to impact your quality of life for many years. Physical therapy treatment can improve your chances for recovery and help alleviate your pain symptoms. 

The physical therapist at Dr. Dei's Physical Therapy Centre can provide you with pain relief so you can "Just Keep Moving". We treat individuals who have been involved in a car wreck on a regular basis. 

How much longer will your injuries control what you can or CANNOT do? Don't wait to find out!

If you are ready to take control of your situation, request your FREE 15 minute consultation or contact us TODAY at 407-906-6007 to schedule your initial evaluation.

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Date of the accident.

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