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Are you ready to put a stop to your Lower Back Pain?


Did you strain your back while moving into your new apartment 2 months ago, but continue to have a dull nagging ache in your lower back? Do you wake up in the morning and find it difficult to get out of bed because of stiffness and pain in your lower back? You are not the only one. Research tells us that 80% of adults will have some sort of Lower Back Pain at some point during their lifetime.

Lower Back Pain is a common condition that can make every day activities unbearable or sometimes even impossible. You may have visited a physician and were prescribed pills or injections but that will only hide your pain. It will not eliminate your pain and you deserve better!

Physical Therapy has been proven to be the most appropriate first choice of treatment. Our Physical Therapist treats patients with Lower Back Pain frequently and provides conservative yet effective treatment to allow you to Just Keep Moving. The physical therapist will discover where your pain is coming from and what caused it. From day one she will provide you with the tools you will need to maintain a healthy back even after you finish physical therapy. 

What else will you be UNABLE to do if your Lower Back Pain becomes worse in the upcoming months? Let’s not wait to find out.

If you are ready to get your life back, request your copy of our FREE Lower Back Pain Tips or contact us TODAY at 407-906-6007 so that you can JUST KEEP MOVING!!!!

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