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Are you or a friend a little unsteady when walking?


Have you or a friend had 3 or more falls in the last 6 months? Have you or a friend felt off balanced lately? Have you felt dizzy from time to time? Do you feel insecure when you are walking because you think you might fall? Do you see your independence slipping away?

It is estimated that 1 out of 3 adults over 65 have experienced dizziness, unsteadiness on their feet or a fall. Falls are the primary cause of injury for older adults and 5% of falls lead to fractures which can leave you or a loved one disabled. This does not have to be true for YOU or anyone you love.

Physical therapy is the best way to increase strength and balance to prevent falls from occurring and increase your confidence and independence with walking in your home and/or community. Dr. Dei’s Physical Therapy has a specialized program for the older adult population to determine if your symptoms are from muscle weakness, vision problems, inner ear problems, diminished sensation or all of the aforementioned.  

Our physical therapist is an expert at balance dysfunction and treats patients with balance problems daily.

When will your unsteady walking cause you to fall and/or injure yourself? What activities will you avoid with your family and friends in the upcoming months?  Don't wait to find out!

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