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Has your Knee Pain put a pause on your life-style?


Has going up and down the stairs in your home become difficult? Are your knees stiff after a long car ride causing it to be difficult to get out of the car? Did you hurt your knee playing High School Basketball and now 20 years later your knee is keeping you from playing Basketball with your children?

Having nagging knee pain getting in and out of the car, going up and downstairs or preventing participation in a sport will suck the joy of life out of you. You may have visited a physician and were prescribed pills or injections. You may have been advised to get a “scope” which according to research DOES NOT HELP (please see the article provided). Well guess what will help you and will not have negative side-effects… PHYSICAL THERAPY!

Our physical therapist treats patients with different types of Knee Pain all the time. The physical therapist will develop a program specific to your individual needs.  From day one she will provide you with the tools you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle of staying in motion even after you finish physical therapy. Perhaps you have Knee Osteoarthritis (bone on bone) and you have put up the good fight (including physical therapy) and it is time for the Total Knee Replacement. Having physical therapy BEFORE and after surgery will produce a RAPID and STRONG recovery.


How much WORSE will your knee pain get in the next few months? What else will you be UNABLE to do because of your knee pain? Don't wait to find out!

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